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Laila Karim

Model Making

Workshop experimentations, making scenic decorations like trees, grass, water/river.

Project Overview

This is a model I made in the 3D workshop to experiment with different materials, process and techniques for model making. Before beginning to make the model, I did have to understand and remember all the different rules and hazards that take place in the workshop. Adding pieces of different shapes can create the mountain or hill illusion and makes the model more realistic, this is also called topography. After making my model I had to photograph it to present what I made in a professional setting. the photography session taught me how to work with lighting, angles and cameras. And after taking my photos I had to select which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t or didn’t come out good. This process helped eliminate my photos into three that I felt were good but needed some touch ups like a piece of gravel being in the middle of the water or a mark in the background which I used the program photoshop tools to remove.

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image